An Ex-Military Hitman Romance

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I make my living by killing people. Drug lords, terrorists, and gangsters. The way I figure it, I’m making the world a better place, and getting paid well to do it. I won’t hurt an innocent person and I make sure my clients know this.

I did my job and I did it well. There was a witness, but I let her go. A beautiful girl who shouldn’t have been involved with the scumbag in the first place. She told me she was with him against her will, and I believed her.


She’s been on my mind ever since. A sweet face and a body with curves that won’t quit. Lips I had to taste, leaving me wanting more. But the last thing I needed was to be involved with someone like her. Someone who might want commitment or bring a lot of unwanted complications. Okay, so maybe I am broken. Maybe I'm a prisoner behind my own walls. And maybe I’ve got damn good reasons for that.

My contractor didn't want any loose ends, so he sent someone else after her. A vicious man who will kill without mercy or compunction—man, woman or child. But I’ll find him before he finds her. I’ll kill him, and then I’ll claim her as mine. And no one will ever hurt her again.

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